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Anti-Trump Protesters Crash San Diego Airport

Written by Ryan Robson on January 31 2017

​Protesters gathered at the San Diego International Airport on Saturday, January 30 for a second day of resistance to President Trump’s ban on citizens from majority Muslim nations entering the U.S. Read Post

A Difference in Education

Written by Lucy Eagleson on December 20 2016

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A Passion in Photography

Written by on November 30 2016

The OTL experience through the eyes of our intern and youth council member, Kimberly! Read Post

Our Story Matters

Written by Elisa Marusak Thomson on November 10 2016

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My Journey Through the Lens

Written by Mandalyn Kime on October 17 2016

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Landscape Photography: What you need to know before you shoot!

Written by Raquel Mendoza on September 29 2016

Do you know the golden rule of landscape photography? Read Post

Travel Photography

Written by Raquel Mendoza on August 26 2016

Capture memories like a pro with these helpful tips! Step out of your comfort zone, embrace new cultures and learn how to make your travels unforgettable. Read Post

Joshua Tree Photo Intensive

Written by Hilary Morefield on August 11 2016

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JR Inside Out Project: Emerging Vision

Written by Jenna Gordon on August 01 2016

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​Shutter Speed 101: Capturing Motion

Written by on July 26 2016

Shutter Speed 101: Capturing Motion Read Post

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