Written by Ryan Robson on January 31 2017

Anti-Trump Protesters Crash San Diego Airport

Protesters gathered at the San Diego International Airport on Saturday, January 30 for a second day of resistance to President Trump’s ban on citizens from majority Muslim nations entering the U.S.

Over 2,000 filled the sidewalks in front of Terminal 2, eventually narrowing airport traffic to one through lane. The protest later roamed through the airport, when it was revealed that two Iranians were being detained inside.

“We have to stand up against what Trump is doing,” said Stefan Spaar. “It’s trampling on our rights; he’s destroying our democracy, so that’s why we have to stand up and protest.”

“No ban, no wall” and “brothers, sisters, have no fear, refugees are welcome here” were common refrains among the crowd chants.

“I’m here to celebrate diversity in America and stand up for freedom,” said Ida Alavioon. I’m an Iranian-American and I immigrated from Tehran, Iran, and I support this movement and I want to resist Trump.”

After hours of sign-waving and chanting, a minute of silence was held at 8:15 PM. Protesters knelt silently as cars passed through. Shortly after, a group hug was held.

At 8:30 PM, an organizer announced that he had been notified that Iranians were being detained inside the airport by the ACLU of San Diego.

“Go inside!” yelled protesters, and the crowd swelled into the terminal’s baggage claim as travelers watched from above. Activists waving pride flags led the crowd upstairs and through the entire terminal before Harbor Police asked the protesters to return outside.

Protesters swelled back into the street as Harbor Police redirected traffic. Shouts of “Whose streets? Our streets!” echoed. Around 9:00 PM, individuals grabbed megaphones and briefly addressed the crowd in darker tones.

“It’s time to stop loving people’s f***ing hate. We’re angry, we’re f***ing tired. Fists up, fight back!”

“F*** the police,” yelled another, which was returned by widespread disapproval from the crowd.

Norma Chavez-Peterson, Executive Director of the San Diego ACLU, arrived and addressed the entire crowd prior to 10:00 PM. The crowd sat down and encircled Chavez, who was dressed in a blue parka and armed with a megaphone.

“As you know, we have been working non-stop across the country, as soon as the executive order was signed by the president to challenge it in court, and we have had some major victories,” said Chavez. “They’re temporary victories, because the struggle continues to make sure we challenge the entire ban and the entire executive order.”

“We had gotten a report … that there was [sic] 3 Iranian legal permanent residents that were being questioned here at the San Diego Airport. As of the last 10 minutes, they are not here anymore.”

Protesters loudly cheered and vowed to continue their resistance.

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