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Shooting the Day Away

Written by Niki Even on December 01 2009

OTL students using their cameras to shoot creative new angles. Read Post

FLOW Film Screening

Written by Niki Even on November 23 2009

Outside the Lens, in collaboration with a number of student groups at UCSD helped host the FLOW screening this month (in celebration of world water month). Read Post

Guest Speaker-Maite Aghania

Written by OTL Volunteers on October 30 2009

One of our classes had the privilege of spending a full class period with Maite Agahnia--local photographer, painter and graphic designer. She shared images from a 365 project she completed last July and shared photography and photoshop techniques she uses. Read Post

More Elements of Design

Written by Niki Even on October 25 2009

Student photos from a day of practicing the elements of design! Read Post

Learning Photoshop

Written by Niki Even on October 18 2009

One of our high school groups spent today learning photoshop basics. Their portraits sure looked professional when they were done! Read Post

Balboa Park Field Trip

Written by Elisa Marusak Thomson on June 17 2009

A small group of OTL students took a field trip to Balboa Park today as a case-study of photographic techniques and to gain real world experience. Read Post

New Alternatives

Written by Niki Even on June 14 2009

Cool photo results from OTL's Water In Focus students. Read Post

Studio Lighting

Written by Niki Even on March 23 2009

As part of intensive study into studio lighting, OTL instructors and students explored modern techniques for capturing unique scenes with a camera and a bowl of water. Read Post

Making Pinhole Cameras

Written by Elisa Marusak Thomson on March 16 2009

Watch OTL students build their own pinhole cameras for a project! Read Post

Quest-Mid Year Exhibition

Written by Niki Even on March 07 2009

As part of our programs at Quest, we hosted an exhibition to showcase the exciting new work of our students! Read Post

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