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Through My Lens: Christina Gustin

Written by Kevin Tung on January 09 2019

"You teach a skill like photography, but then you empower kids to find their inner voice, and tell their own unique stories with photographs. You teach them to tell other people’s stories, and how to create change in their communities. You’re creating these artistic, expressive, empowered community activists, who want to change the world and they actually know how to do it. That’s such a powerful thing.” Read Post


Written by Kevin Tung on October 12 2018

We created images that represent who we are, and wrote poems about our past. We met folks with unsteady health conditions who taught us about endurance, perseverance, and the joy of life. We explored Tijuana - a city filled with colors, flavors, and smells. We learned about local art, walked through the streets, and captured images that were always intriguing and in some cases new and innovative. After our journey, we had a final exhibit where we talked about our work and why it is important to continue creating images that represent who we are! Read Post

Through My Lens: Armando

Written by Kevin Tung on September 06 2018

Armando is a senior at La Jolla Day Country school. This will be his first year joining the Youth Council. When he gets to college he plans on pursuing a major in Photography and a minor in Business and Entrepreneurship. Read Post


Written by Carly Matsumoto on June 04 2018

There is an exhilarating feeling that comes with traveling somewhere new; smiling at an unfamiliar face, scarfing down local cuisine, touching your bare feet on the grass, jamming to a new beat. I’d describe it as an immediate vulnerability with the unknown; holding hands with the excitement of exploration. I have been incredibly fortunate to have had this feeling many times, and I never want it to stop. Read Post

In Translation: The Camera as a Catalyst for Conversation

Written by Lucy Eagleson on April 23 2018

We’re only driving 35 miles, but the distance feels further. Julia, an immersion trip coordinator for USD’s service learning program, dashes us through the freeway lanes and swifty carries us in her small car across the Otay Border. We drive east towards Tecate, far from downtown Tijuana, far from the housing developments, down a long hill to land at a lightly maintained road leading us up to Albergue las Memorias - a center for those living with HIV/AIDS, addictions, and their family members. Read Post

Cine en Sherman a comenzado!

Written by OTL Staff Editor on February 22 2018

The inaugural screening of the film series Cine en Sherman took place last month at Sherman Heights Community Center. The featured film of the evening was Tony-The Movie, a portrait of homelessness in San Diego as seen through the eyes of the film’s star, Tony. The filmmaker, Dennis Stein, follows Tony as he navigates his housing options and searches for solutions to homelessness, not just as it affects him, but as it affects thousands across the county. Read Post

Through My Lens: Landon

Written by OTL Staff Editor on December 19 2017

​Landon is a senior at Met High School, currently in his second year of our Youth Council program and third semester as an intern with Outside the Lens. Read Post

Through My Lens: Andrea

Written by OTL Staff Editor on December 11 2017

Andrea is a youth photographer working with Outside the Lens’s Cameras Across Cultures program. This July, Andrea traveled with a small group of North American students and educators for a peacebuilding program and collaborative initiative in partnership with the US Peace Corps in Cartagena, Colombia. Read Post

Through My Lens: Anthony

Written by OTL Staff Editor on December 07 2017

​Anthony is a photography student and class assistant with Outside the Lens’ Cameras in Communities program at St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center for adults with developmental disabilities. Read Post

Through My Lens: Polo

Written by OTL Staff Editor on November 21 2017

When I look through the viewfinder, I see the world as a multitude of inspirations, waiting to be created into messages, stories, and poems. Read Post

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