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Written by Niki Even on April 06 2014

Delegates representing over 23 countries joined us for a 1.5 hour presentation as we discussed engaging youth through digital media. Read Post

Our Eyes are Wide Open to Media Literacy

Written by on March 19 2014

Last week, Outside the Lens paired up with the WorldLink Program at the University of San Diego's Institute for Peace and Justice to screen the film, Eyes Wide Open: This is Media at the IPJ Theater. Read Post

Creating Bokeh

Written by Jennie Goldstone on March 10 2014

The bokeh style has been used in countless photographs, where the subject is shown to be clear and the background blurred out. Any camera can take photographs with bokeh as long as you are able to set the correct mode. Read Post

Exhibitions are in the Air...!

Written by Alyssa Lucca on February 13 2014

Outside the Lens is just wrapping up our Exhibitions for our Fall classes with some amazing students. We have all been inspired by their investment into their final photography pieces. Read Post

Hello, We're OTL Interns!

Written by OTL Volunteers on February 01 2014

For the month of January Eden and I have had the pleasure of working with OTL to create training videos for the Teacher Portal that we’re produicng. Read Post

Outside the Lens at WorldLink

Written by Elisa Marusak Thomson on January 24 2014

Outside the Lens continued our partnership with WorldLink at the University of San Diego last Wednesday by providing a photobooth where students can express themselves creatively by sharing their stories and dreams. Read Post

Star Trail Photography

Written by Niki Even on January 11 2014

The idea of star trail photography is very strange and has been around for quite sometime, but with such great advancements in todays cameras, more photographers have taken advantage of this wondrous effect. Read Post

Kris Hodson Moore and OTL Youth Council Exhibit Now on View!

Written by Niki Even on January 03 2014

Over the course of four weekend days in November and December, photographer Kris Hodson Moore led intensive portrait photography workshops for members of Outside the Lens' Youth Council - a group of super-star high school students from throughout San Diego who are committed to developing their photography and digital media skills while giving back to the community. Read Post

Holiday Portraits at the Monarch School

Written by Niki Even on December 21 2013

With the holidays just around the corner, Outside the Lens wanted to celebrate the festivities by providing portraits to families in need from the Monarch School. Read Post

Outside The Lens at TEDx: You are Unlimited

Written by Ignatius Nguyen on December 13 2013

OTL students not only got to attend TEDx, but they also manned a salon and acted as photojournalists for the event. These students are the future of our world! Read Post

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