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Tijuana 2019: A FOTO TJ Project

Friday, February 7 2020 5:00 PM

Wisteria Cottage - La Jolla Historical Society 780 Prospect Street, San Diego, CA, 92037

Tijuana 1964 / Tijuana 2019:

Outside the Lens, in partnership with La Jolla Historical Society present Tijuana 2019, a collection of student work from our FOTO TJ project. FOTO TJ is a journey exploring the sites and sounds of La Frontera, bringing together the creative forces of teens from both San Diego and Tijuana. Together we visit human rights, arts and culture, and social benefit organizations working in Tijuana, while capturing the stories of those impacted by their work. Youth had the opportunity to explore, understand, and express their vision of the Baja region through the power of film and photography. Students took part in a genre study looking at the work of Harry Crosby, and created Tijuana 2019 as a photo response, a series of images captured in the same places and spaces as Crosby’s work.

Harry Crosby was a science teacher at La Jolla High School in the 1950s, then pursued a second career in photography and history. One of his early assignments was to photograph Tijuana, where he discovered and recorded the vibrant life of the city and neighborhoods beyond the tourist areas. The photographic images he created of Tijuana’s urban and human landscapes chronicles community life and daily events, and explores the shops, arcades, street vendors, fashions, vehicles, curios, churches, cemeteries, and diverse urban neighborhoods of the bustling Mexican city more than a half-century ago.

Students explored Harry Crosby’s original photos at the Museo de Historia de Tijuana (MUHTI), and had a guided historical street tour by Christian Zuñiga. In understanding the Tijuana of past, students created images that speak to Tijuana in the present.

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Tijuana 2019: A FOTO TJ Project