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Youth Council Guest Speaker: Diana King

Tuesday, October 20 2020 4:00 PM

This month’s Youth Council Guest Speaker is Diana King.

Diana King is a Chinese-American portrait, lifestyle fashion, and commercial photographer. She is known for her ability to draw an emotive and expressive quality in her subjects and her perceptive use of color and lighting to reflect the mood and tone of her images.

While her photographs convey her obsession with bright color, her wardrobe tends to always be black. She unabashedly love all things cute, music, art, 80s and 90s pop culture, and will never turn down free food.

Originally from the Bay Area, California, Diana moved to Los Angeles to study film and cinematography at Chapman University. After years of working on big budget commercial shoots, she transitioned to photography and used her background in film production and lighting to hone her skills as a photographer. She enjoys being a part of the entire photographic process from beginning to end - from the ideation of the concept, to producing, directing talent, and collaborating with crew and clients.

We will also be discussing personal photography projects during this event!

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Youth Council Guest Speaker: Diana King