Written by OTL Volunteers on August 04 2010

Teens Discover their Inner Artist

 Outside The Lens has traveled all across San Diego and Orange County this summer teaching workshops to teens of all ages, demonstrating how listen to their inner artist and photographer. These workshops taught by OTL lead teachers Niki (pictured above) Alli, Sarah, Ivetthe and other multiple volunteers started with teaching the kids about the basics of photography. The basics included learning about vantage points; bird's eye view, worm's eye view, long shot and close-up and also elements of design; shapes, lines, colors, textures and patterns. After the teens learned about these elements they then went out and took their own pictures, later combining them with a literature piece which when put together created a very striking project. Everyone had fun in these workshops and everyone was also glad of the all experience the kids got with the camera.

Written by Alexandra, Youth Council

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