Written by Niki Even on June 04 2011

High Tech High Interns In Action

On Thursday May 26th the Outside the Lens team along with their three fabulous High Tech High interns Tony Anglin, Myriam Diaz, and Bianca Hernandez as videographers to San Ysidro High School. We traveled to San Ysidro to interview three high schoolers who participated in the Yeah! Project. Over the course of the year they successfully lobbied for and changed the menu at their cafeteria in favor of healthier options and are in the process of eliminating unhealthy snacks from the schools' vending machines.

Myriam and Bianca ready for the trip to San Ysidro.

Professional microphones that we used in the shoot.

Myriam interviewing one of the students that participated in the Yeah! project.

One of the students that participated in the Yeah! project talking to one of the evaluator of the Yeah! projects.

After a successful day of filming the interns along with two of the three kids that participated in the Yeah! project.

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