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Creative Educator Workshop Series #3: #rememberearth

Thursday, April 22 2021 4:00 PM

The Outside the Lens Arts Integration Workshops explore the language of visual and media art through our project design process, supporting teachers with the skills to integrate media arts into their core curriculum. Workshops will address English Language Arts and Science standards alongside VAPA and NCA standards. By leveraging arts education resources and expertise through this professional development opportunity, teachers can provide more meaningful arts experiences for students.

During these participatory workshops we will explore the concepts of visual and media arts within a classroom setting, and how we can apply these skills to various curriculum to amplify students’ voices, both as critical consumers and conscious creators of media. Participants will walk away with an arts integrated project and lesson plan to use with students.

Workshop #3: #rememberearth

How does the short documentary film Earthrise challenge us to consider our relationship to the Earth and provide a context for what it means to be a global citizen?

Students will learn about the historical, cultural, and environmental influences of the iconic Earthrise film, reflecting on their own point of view of the living world while creating their own visual representation that captures their relationship with the earth.

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Creative Educator Workshop Series #3: #rememberearth