Written by OTL Volunteers on December 09 2010

OTL Comes Together for the Help-Portrait Event on Dec. 4

Get your best Smile ready for the Holidays! Photographers and their assistants set up their stations for OTL's Help-Portrait event on Saturday, December 4th. Families will be coming in shortly to capture their Holiday portraits.

Ready to try out your skills at card making? Volunteers help get ready for the big day by setting up at the creative center. There's nothing like a personal, hand-made card to wish you a Happy Holiday!

The day is young as they patiently await to greet families and friends.

Radio Latina spends the day entertaining guests with music. Santa Claus also helps draw in new families with his upbeat, holiday spirit!

Finally, the photographers use their amazing skills to capture memorable moments for the Family Holiday Portraits. 

Written by Alyanna Cardozo, Youth Council

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