Written by OTL Volunteers on March 24 2011

Winners Announced! Healthy Communities Photo Contest

Drum-roll please...

The WINNERS of the Outside the Lens Healthy Communities Photo Contest are:

1. Stephen Mariucci's "Jump the Sun" (Winner)
2. Maya Mancuso's "Surpass Today What You Were Yesterday" (Runner-Up)
3. Rachel Hall's "Child Swinging at Organic Farm" (2nd Runner-Up)

Thank you everyone who submitted, we received some gorgeous photos!

Honorable Mentions include:
Courtney Ochi's "Beach Dancing"
Erin Schneider's "Cherry Close-up"
Shannon Culhane's "Little Girl in South African Vineyard"
Aisling Macisaac's "Biking at University of Arizona"

The 3 Winning photos will hang on the wall at Fiji Yogurt in Linda Vista, and don't be surprised if you see the honorable mentions up on this page!

Thanks again everybody!

Written by Olivia Burd, Intern

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