Written by Tina Esser on May 16 2013

The Art of Panning Photography

What is panning? 

Panning is when you swing your camera along with a subject, this is a result:


(courtesy of:

Panning is actually extremely easy, here are some tips on how to do it!


  • Swing your camera in perfect synchronization as your subject
  • Hold your ground! Face the main direction where you are going to shoot, but move your shoulders and torso so you can follow your subject


(click to enlarge; courtesy of

Your Subject and Background

  • Fast subjects going in one direction are the best subjects (a bad example is a subject that is running in zig-zag) 
  • Choose background carefully, having a sky as a background will still be all blue, having one person will result in a bloob, but too many things in a background will also be confusing

Here's how I did, now go try it out!


Shutter Speed: 1/60


Shutter Speed: 1/30


Shutter Speed: 1/30

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