Written by OTL Staff Editor on April 30 2015

Meet the Interns - Baudelio

Hello Baudelio! We are so glad to have you on the Outside the Lens team. Tell us a little about yourself! 

What made you interested in Outside the Lens?

The main thing that drew my attention to Outside The Lens is how OTL focuses on educating young kids by showing them ways to express themselves. By showcasing their creativity through the use of professional cameras and photography they are able to better articulate their ideas.

I hope to become a photographer or work in the entertainment industry and OTL has given me the hands on experience that I need! Now I can truly understand how important and influential OTL is to the students they are able to reach.

What have you learned during your internship with Outside the Lens so far?

Working with the staff of Outside The Lens I've improved in many areas such as furthering my editing skills and how to operate programs like Final Cut Pro. When I first arrived to OTL, I had basic video editing knowledge, but now my skills have grown dramatically-- working with green screens and advanced software. OTL has also taught me how to work with DSLR's and given me the confidence to work with them professionally.

What skills are you hoping to gain?

The main skill that I hope to gain at OTL is to be more social with people and communicate strongly through public speaking. OTL has helped me improve this skill because it places me with younger kids and has me speak with them on a daily basis. Additionally I attend staff meetings and contribute work and ideas to the conversation with the OTL staff.

Why do you feel programs like Outside the Lens are important?

Programs like OTL are important to youth today because future generations are increasingly surrounded by technology/ social media and I feel it is incredibly important for students to learn these skills to work and prosper.

Who's your favorite photographer (or artist, could be musician, actor etc.)?

My favorite artist -- or in this case my favorite rapper -- has to be Kendrick Lamar. The main reason I enjoy Kendrick is because his lyrics are powerful and all of his songs have a deeper meaning that makes you reflect on life. Kendrick talks about real life problems unlike other rappers that just focus on drugs, money, and women.

Hopefully you will give him a listen and see why his music is so powerful and important to me!

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