Written by Jennie Goldstone on May 20 2015

Meet the Interns - Diana

Diana, you've been an incredible asset to Outside the Lens since you started with us back in March. Let's learn a little more about you!

What interested you in Outside the Lens?

What made me interested in OTL was their unique way in empowering youth through the use of digital media to not only change their community but themselves as well. Now being an intern for a couple of months and witnessing how the final product turns out is just simply amazing. OTL provides so much for the programs that they have and to see what the kids come up with is just amazing.

What have you learned during your internship with Outside the Lens so far?

I have learned how much really needs to go into a program like OTL. Observing and also working behind the scenes at OTL has really taught me there is so much that has to happen for this program in order for it to function as great as it does.

What other skills are you hoping to gain?

I am hoping to gain more writing techniques, as odd as that may sound, but interning in a program like Outside the Lens has really opened my mind on how writing is essential. You have to know what to say in minimal characters to catch the reader's attention, and also take into consideration who your target group is when sending out an email or even making a post on Facebook to promote an upcoming event.

Why do you feel programs like Outside the Lens are important?

Programs like OTL are important because of what they can provide for children and for youth. They not only give them the chance to be creative but also the opportunity to express themselves in such an artistic way.

Who is your favorite artist (visual artist, musician, actor, writer…)?

My favorite artist, in this case author, has to be Ellen Hopkins. Her form of writing and how detailed her stories are that you just feel like you are in a movie the whole time you are reading is just unreal. Now I myself am not a big reader and to tell you the truth the first book I have completely read voluntarily is Tricks by Ellen Hopkins. I recommend it, truly an amazing book.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be, and why?

If I could have any superpower it would have to be the ability to shape shift, because then I can transform myself into any super hero and have any power I want.

Thank you Diana! We love having you as part of the OTL family!

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