Written by OTL Volunteers on June 02 2015

5 Reasons why Joining Outside the Lens Summer Camp can Expand Your Lifetime

5 Reasons why Joining Outside the Lens Summer Camp can Expand Your Lifetime
by Diana de la Cruz, OTL Intern

1. Adventure is out there

By attending OTL’s summer camp you will go on many adventures to local parks, beaches and more - the sky's the limit! (Please note your child will not be in the sky at any time.) Studies have shown that people who go on an adventure have lived approximately 10 years more than the average person. As seen in the movie UP, Carl, the old man, lived up to be 101 years old. Of course, the directors didn’t have time to keep up with him, so they cut the movie short, but do trust he lived a long, happy life.

2. You’ve got a friend in me

Research from our very own Walt Disney have confirmed how building a friendship will now only gain you a friend but also expand your life to 80% more than the average human. By signing up for OTL’s summer camp, you will have the opportunity to meet new people and even develop a friendship just like Woody and Buzz.

3. Hakuna Matata

Are you stressing about figuring out plans for the summer? Did you know that people who stress often live 8 years less. Stress no more and earn those years back by signing up for an OTL summer camp. After all, it means no worries for the rest of your days (I bet you sang it in your head).

4. Curiosity

Walt Disney one said, “Ideas come from curiosity,” and indeed they do. Learning new things not only expands your mind but also your life! Just like Princess Ariel, who learned all about the world on land, with OTL’s summer camp you learn and experience new things in the world of photography and video!

5. Photography!

Did you know actually capturing the wonderful moments in life guarantees you to live a long happy life? Neither did we! But with OTL’s summer camp you will learn how to capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments with just a click of a button. Who knows, maybe you can be as great as one of Disney’s best photographers, Lilo.

The evidence is clear: Outside the Lens Summer Camps are good for your health. Don't delay, sign up today! Click here to learn more and register:

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