Written by on November 30 2016

A Passion in Photography

Outside the Lens has helped me dig deeper into photography in new and unexpected ways. I joined Outside the Lens as an intern in early 2016 through my school’s internship program. Before Outside the Lens, I enjoyed taking pictures on my phone and using Instagram. Throughout my time here, I learned more about camera settings on photo walks and even traveled to Joshua Tree for a photo expedition. The internship and Youth Council program have expanded my options and brought a new light into my life.

Shutter and Stout is Outside the Lens annual Gala, their biggest event of the year where they gather students, staff, and supporters to raise funds for their media outreach programs. It’s an event that celebrates what Outside the Lens has accomplished and what they have done that year.

At Shutter & Stout, I worked as an event photographer alongside my OTL mentor CJ. At first, it was intimidating and I was nervous, but I was surrounded by people who were passionate about Outside the Lens and photography. This experience helped me dig even deeper into photography because I was forced to shoot out in the real world, photographing people up close. At times, I was on my own and was able to figure out more about camera settings because of the constant change of light from outside to inside and from day to night. It was challenging, but it helped me learn more. As the night went on, I felt proud and satisfied with my work. Shooting at the event helped me become more confident that I am able to do something that I love in the real world.

One thing I love about Outside the Lens is that the staff is very passionate and positive about what they do and how they act. They are always pushing themselves and the people around them to learn more and do the absolute best they can. Nothing is ever half done here, everything is done to it’s fullest potential. There is no such thing as a bad day and if something doesn't work out there's always a way to fix it or learn from it. Outside the Lens has been one of most unique and educational experiences I have ever been involved in. 

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