Written by OTL Staff Editor on December 19 2017

Through My Lens: Landon

Landon is a senior at Met High School, currently in his second year of our Youth Council program and third semester as an intern with Outside the Lens. Here, Landon shares a photo inspired by some of his lessons from his Cameras and Careers projects.

What caught your eye when taking this image?

Once I saw the bridge, my mind created the image I wanted before I took it. When I first saw it, I noticed the light and the dark, and how the end looked like an abyss. It really spoke to me because it reminded me of being out of our comfort zone, and how people want to stay in the middle of the bridge where there is sun, and don’t completely cross to either side because they fear what they don’t know.

What does this image mean to you?

This image reminds me that sometimes you have to cross from the known to the unknown to get to where you want to be.

What do you want your audience to feel or understand when they look at your work?

I want my audience to understand that my art reflects my feelings about life and society. In this photo, I want the bridge to represent the known and the abyss is the unknown. People tend to stick with what they know - most want to stay in their comfort zone, and don’t grow because they don’t push their limits. We tend to fear failure, messing up, getting hurt, but we should embrace it - it’s how we grow.

What does it feel like to show you work to others?

I like showing my work to others to see how they interpret the photo, what they think, and what they feel because I want to know if my point gets across and learn about their perspective.

How has working with Outside the Lens impacted you?

Working with Outside The Lens has given me greater confidence with my photography, and new skills and elements to apply in my images. I’ve loved participating in making the exhibitions for younger kids. So much work goes into organizing it, and seeing the kids and their families smiling is priceless.

How does the world look to you when you look through the viewfinder?

To me the world doesn’t look different physically because even when I don't have my camera, I imagine I am looking through my viewfinder and thinking about different angles I could shoot from. Emotionally everything changes. I feel like I belong. I feel connected to the world. It forces me to look deeper at my surroundings.

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