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Studio Lighting

Written by Niki Even on March 23 2009

As part of intensive study into studio lighting, OTL instructors and students explored modern techniques for capturing unique scenes with a camera and a bowl of water. Read Post

Making Pinhole Cameras

Written by Elisa Marusak Thomson on March 16 2009

Watch OTL students build their own pinhole cameras for a project! Read Post

Quest-Mid Year Exhibition

Written by Niki Even on March 07 2009

As part of our programs at Quest, we hosted an exhibition to showcase the exciting new work of our students! Read Post

Water in Focus

Written by Niki Even on February 20 2009

OTL showcases some of the highlights from this year's student WIF projects. We're very proud of our 2009 student participants! Read Post

Here I Am Portraits

Written by Niki Even on February 19 2009

A brief gallery showcasing some of our work from "Here I Am" projects at Quest. Read Post

Recycled Art

Written by Niki Even on February 16 2009

OTL students get creative with paper plates and paint, then photograph the results. Our instructors started exploring this fun and easy method to engage younger students in these programs. Read Post

ARTS Exhibition

Written by OTL Volunteers on February 12 2009

OTL's successful exhibitions are on a roll! Hundreds of student photographs were displayed for ARTS. View Photo Gallery

Student Self Portraits

Written by Niki Even on February 03 2009

View Photo Gallery

Recent Exhibitions

Written by Niki Even on December 06 2008

View Photo Gallery

Classes Moving Foward

Written by Niki Even on October 06 2008

Wow. How the time flies! It's almost October and Outside the Lens has been in the fall programming for over a month now. Read Post

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