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Joshua Tree Photo Intensive

Written by Hilary Morefield on August 11 2016

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JR Inside Out Project: Emerging Vision

Written by Jenna Gordon on August 01 2016

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​Shutter Speed 101: Capturing Motion

Written by on July 26 2016

Shutter Speed 101: Capturing Motion Read Post

Exposure 101

Written by Raquel Mendoza on June 24 2016

Do you know the three pillars of exposure? Read Post

Distant Reflections: Why I Am a Photographer

Written by Ivy Gordon on June 18 2016

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​The Bridge: A cross-cultural film collaboration that goes beyond the screen

Written by Hilary Morefield on April 14 2016

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Upon Reflection: A visual retrospective on our journey through the lens of young Syrian refugee women

Written by Lucy Eagleson on April 03 2016

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Photography Tips

Written by Raquel Mendoza on April 02 2016

Improve your photography skills with these simple vantage points techniques! Read Post

Finding Identity, Living Memory through Documentary Filmmaking

Written by Lucy Eagleson on March 15 2016

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March Friday Night Liberty recap: The Out[siders]

Written by OTL Staff Editor on March 08 2016

Media Educator Will Wohleb recaps the opening of The Out[siders] that took place on March 4 - a stunning photography exhibit by OTL students at Chaparral High School in El Cajon. Read Post

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