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It's On

Written by Alyssa Lucca on June 13 2013

Thank you to everyone who made Outside the Lens' first Friday Night Liberty event "It's On!" an amazing success, featuring student exhibitions, a photo booth, and great food from Solare. Read Post

Explorer Elementary Exhibition

Written by Niki Even on May 28 2013

Last Tuesday, Explorer Elementary had their OTL exhibition. The kids were all very excited and here are their results. Read Post

The Art of Panning Photography

Written by Tina Esser on May 16 2013

Swing your camera in perfect synchronization as your subject Hold your ground! Face the main direction where you are going to shoot, but move your shoulders and torso so you can follow your subject Read Post

Mixed Lighting Workshop

Written by Niki Even on May 14 2013

Outside the Lens had it's first Lighting Workshop this weekend with photographer Daniel Solomon! Read Post

Nativity Prep and Outside the Lens Visit Balboa Park

Written by Elisa Marusak Thomson on April 24 2013

Every year, our 6th grade class at Nativity Prep Academy takes a field trip to the Museum of Photographic Arts for a tour and a photo scavenger hunt around Balboa Park. The change of scenery brings a change in perspective and some beautiful photos! Check out some of their artwork below. Read Post

Can't Help But Smile! with Dewey Elementary

Written by Niki Even on April 16 2013

One of my favorite groups of the year are the 3rd graders from Dewey Elementary. They never stop making me laugh as they come up with shots that mimic advertisements and TV shows! Read Post

Composing Better Photos

Written by Tina Esser on April 10 2013

Whether you have a point-and-shoot or a DSLR, you can easily apply a few simple rules to enhance your photos, including the "Rule of Thirds", framing, and contrast. Read Post

Our First Liberty Station Photo Bootcamp!

Written by Niki Even on April 10 2013

Thank you to everyone who came to our first Photo 101 Bootcamp on March 23rd! Two of our instructors, Amanda Dahlgren and Daniel Solomon, joined a mix of teens and adults for a beautiful day of hands-on photography at our new Liberty Station space. Read Post

How to shoot Time-lapse Photography

Written by OTL Volunteers on April 07 2013

Time-lapse is basically a new method of shooting frames slower than they will be shown. With diagrams, and step-by-step explanations of concepts and equipment, OTL helps you learn the basics. Read Post

Visual Design with ALBA

Written by Tina Esser on April 06 2013

Impressive photography from our students at the end of class number 2. Read Post

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