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Summer Camps are off and running!

Written by OTL Volunteers on June 25 2014

An OTL volunteer describes our summer camps, great programs where you can learn new techniques, meet new people and enjoy the San Diego sun. Read Post

Up, Up & Away

Written by Niki Even on June 05 2014

Students lined up to write a message about preventing ocean pollution for I Love a Clean San Diego, as described poetically by an OTL staff member. Read Post

10 Signs Your Kid is Perfect for an OTL Summer Program

Written by Jennie Goldstone on May 24 2014

Summer is just around the corner, and we know you're looking for the perfect program to keep your kids active, learning, and having fun. We're here to help! Read Post

Photography Techniques: Motion Blur

Written by OTL Volunteers on May 12 2014

Fiddling with some simple settings on your camera can give you awe-worthy results. Motion Blur is one of these techniques, and Evan describes the specifics of how to make the most of the photography method. Read Post

iPhone Camera Tips

Written by Niki Even on April 24 2014

These days you've got a camera with you everywhere with the beauty of the iPhone built in cameras. With just a few little tips you'll be taking awesome shots. Read Post

Outside the Lens to Participate in GiveBIG 2014

Written by Ignatius Nguyen on April 16 2014

We are excited to announce that on May 6, 2014, Outside the Lens will be participating in GiveBIG 2014, a 24-hour day of giving to increase philanthropy in San Diego and raise awareness and support for local nonprofits! Read Post


Written by Niki Even on April 06 2014

Delegates representing over 23 countries joined us for a 1.5 hour presentation as we discussed engaging youth through digital media. Read Post

Our Eyes are Wide Open to Media Literacy

Written by on March 19 2014

Last week, Outside the Lens paired up with the WorldLink Program at the University of San Diego's Institute for Peace and Justice to screen the film, Eyes Wide Open: This is Media at the IPJ Theater. Read Post

Creating Bokeh

Written by Jennie Goldstone on March 10 2014

The bokeh style has been used in countless photographs, where the subject is shown to be clear and the background blurred out. Any camera can take photographs with bokeh as long as you are able to set the correct mode. Read Post

Exhibitions are in the Air...!

Written by Alyssa Lucca on February 13 2014

Outside the Lens is just wrapping up our Exhibitions for our Fall classes with some amazing students. We have all been inspired by their investment into their final photography pieces. Read Post

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